Our Guide for Buying Effective and Natural CBD Oil

guide for buying cbd

How to avoid gimmicks, toxins, and the barely-there CBD

Whether you have been taking CBD oil for many years, or are a complete beginner, it’s incredibly important to know what is in your CBD oil product. 

As CBD oil has only recently boomed on the market, due to the loosening of recent FDA regulations, many companies have been trying to catch their slice of the revenue. And because regulations changed so recently, there hasn’t been much time for revision and standards. 

Many companies have taken advantage of this commercial opportunity in the wrong sort of way. You can guess that like any kind of product, CBD oil has some faulty producers. 

Keep reading to educate yourself on the risks of poor-grade CBD oil and how to find the right kind for you. 

Why you can’t just buy any CBD oil

Since CBD oil is fairly unregulated it cannot be marketed as a ‘dietary supplement’ according to the FDA. Because CBD sellers can’t list their product as a dietary supplement, it makes it difficult for them to provide the details on how much CBD concentrate is in the product. It also makes it easier for faulty or misadvertised CBD to be sold. 

A recent study tested the reliability of the CBD advertisements by conducting a ‘blind test’ where they tested the amount of CBD in the oils. They tested a total 84 products and only 31 percent had accurate labeling. This means that a lot of CBD products don’t contain what they say. 

This fact alone should make you a little more wary about what CBD oil you choose to buy. When buying CBD, be careful about low-quality and untested products, because they are definitely out there. 

Knowing the percent of CBD in your oil is incredibly important, because from that percentage you calculate the appropriate dosage needed. The main concern with dosage is that patients will not be getting enough CBD to be effective. Unlike so many other supplements or drugs, it is very difficult, and virtually impossible to overdose on CBD. 

Either way, knowing what you are putting into your body is always a necessity. We are hoping that with the recognition of CBD as a dietary supplement we will see higher labeling standards put in place. 

We have written numerous articles about the many amazing benefits of CBD. It is sad to see that the FDA has put a break on recognising the proven benefits. 

Toxicity in non-organic CBD products

Because of the precarious legal situation concerning CBD, some e-commerce websites such as Amazon have banned sales of CBD products. 

Yet, sellers have found a sneaky way around this policy. If you search for CBD oil on Amazon more than 8,000 results will pop up. The products range from oils to cremes to infused dog toys. And while many trust Amazon for all of their online shopping needs, you should stay away from buying CBD there. 

Because it is not technically labeled as CBD oil, but shows up as CBD oil under a quick search, these products don’t have to be aligned with any sort of quality control regulations. That means your CBD oil from amazon might not even have CBD!

This is the same for a lot of large e-commerce websites. We really advise you to stay clear of these products. 

Because of the mislabeling of many hemp-oils, it is almost impossible to know where the CBD oil came from and how it was processed. That’s why you should stick to third-party tested CBD products. These tests look at the CBD percentage and heavy metal content. Heavy metal extracts occur in the hemp plant when it is grown in soil with pesticides and other chemicals. That’s why controlled, organic farming of hemp is the best way to produce healthy, beneficial CBD. 

So now that you know what to look out for, let’s see how you can find quality products. .

Where to buy quality, organic CBD

While non-organic hemp is not always harmful, they do have a higher risk of containing harsh and toxic chemicals. When you are looking to reap the benefits of CBD it is crucial that you are getting the most pure and natural form. 

That’s why you should always buy organic CBD oil. When you buy CBD oil it should always say that it is certified organic. Don’t fall for just natural or real CBD, make sure you get organic! 

You should also look into the producer’s methods of manufacturing. Oftentimes, hemp can be grown on organic land, but have non-organic processing methods. It’s important to read up on the individual companies and see if their production is also organic and sustainable. 

We suggest three main measures of quality: organic farming, organic and low-impact processing, and third-party quality control checks

There are so many CBD manufacturers to choose from, and it can seem very overwhelming. But once you make these standards necessary conditions for your shopping, you will see that it narrows down quite a bit. 

But never fear! There are still great and amazing products that you can trust, and that we love. From tinctures to rubs, you can certainly find exceptional, quality products for your needs. All you needed was a little guidance!

how to check cbd labels

Some questions to ask yourself

Now that you know what CBD is legitimate and healthy, you should figure out how much and what form to take. Since it differs for everyone (hence the huge range of products available) you should ask yourself some questions before buying. 

1. What do you want CBD to do for you?

best CBD method

CBD can help a wide range of problems. But what exactly are you looking to help with? CBD has been shown to help aid those with epilepsy, a debilitating seizure condition. If that’s the case for you, you will need to speak to a doctor about your options and get a prescription for Epidiolex. If you want to treat pain for arthritis, or period cramps, or boost your energy and well being, then you are probably fine taking a normal strain of CBD. The uses for CBD go on and on, and negative side effects are quite minimal. While it is certainly not a cure-all, it could help you out. We’ve written many articles about what CBD might be good for, so if you don’t know make sure to check them out.

2. How do you want to take it?

Besides choosing what kind of CBD to take, you need to think about how you want to take it. There are so many ways to take CBD and they all do different things. We’ve listed some of the most common methods and what makes them unique. 


Are just straight CBD oil. You should allow ten minutes of no eating or drinking during the process, so 5 minutes before and after you consume the oil. All you do is drop the suggested amount of oil under your tongue and let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and then swallow. It takes relatively quickly for the CBD to act so this is a pretty instant option. 


They look just like regular fish-oil or supplement pills. They are easy to take and relatively non-invasive. CBD pills have to travel through your digestive tract so they might take a little bit longer to work. A familiar option for many!


You can use CBD crystals which contain high concentrates of CBD to get the trick done. If you are comfortable with vaping, this is a great way to get a super quick fix as it enters your bloodstream more quickly than pills or oil. 


If you are looking for relief for a specific joint or body part, then this is the one for you! Administering a CBD cream provides localized action, which is great if you don’t want a full body effect. It may be more effective to use cream if you are looking for targeted relief, as the CBD goes straight to the problem. 


Are methods which are inserted vaginally or anally, and that provides the highest absorption rate of CBD since it enters the bloodstream immediately. This is great for you if you are comfortable with the procedure and are looking for fast relief. This method is also quite long lasting, as it provides the strongest absorption.

Gummies or food 

Are a great option if you can’t stand the taste of hemp or the thought of suppositories. You can find a lot of different food products with CBD, or you can use tincture oil in your own cooking. The only drawback is that it takes a lot longer for the CBD to enter your system since it has to go through your digestive tract. It is also more unpredictable how well the CBD will be absorbed because the food and sugar may change your receptivity. 

There are many other ways to ingest CBD, but we recommend you start out with one of these methods! With some time you will see what works best for you. 

3. How much CBD should you take? 

When starting out, many are concerned that they will take too much of the product. This shouldn’t be a big worry because it’s really difficult to overdose on CBD. We recommend that you take the suggested dose or a little lower. Then you may gradually increase the dose over the course of 3-5 weeks until you reach the desired results. This is a sure-proof way to get to where you need to be.

Where to go from here

You’ve got all the information you need to know about buying and administering CBD! Although it is completely safe to take, you should keep yourself educated on the changing market of CBD. Things are changing radically and it’s important to know what is in your products.

We hope we have given you some confidence in finding your perfect, organic, and tested CBD product. 

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