National Pain Report: CBD oil for Fibromyalgia


National Pain Report: CBD oil for Fibromyalgia

In her article in the National Pain Report, Donna Burch says that CBD oil for fibromyalgia has been “one of the most helpful things” to treat her pain. However, she warns that the fickle nature of fibromyalgia means that what works for one person, won’t necessarily work for another.

It’s an illness that leads to a great deal of pain, fatigue and discomfort, but nobody really knows what causes it. Burch describes it as a “brutal” condition, and says that none of the three fibromyalgia pharmaceuticals she tried using works for more than 50% of sufferers – certainly, none of them gave her relief.

Turning to natural remedies

Burch says that Magnesium supplements and lotions offered some relief, but that CBD oil really reduced her pain. She says that hemp-based CBD oil is not regulated in the United States and is easy to obtain online, but she warns that because of this lack of regulation, you can’t be sure what you’re getting. Does it contain CBD or doesn’t it? The labels on products don’t always indicate their true contests.

Does your “CBD oil” for fibromyalgia actually contain CBD?

Burch directs readers to an FDA report on hemp oils that shows very low concentrations of CBD in some oils and absolutely no cannabinoids in others. The lack of certification procedures in the US means you just have to take the maker’s word for it and hope for the best.

That doesn’t mean that certification of CBD oil doesn’t exist elsewhere in the world. For example, in the EU, manufacturers can obtain GMP certification that validates that label information is accurate and that the CBD oil has been produced in accordance with best practices. But unless you import your CBD oil from a certified source, it’s a hit and miss situation.

Is it legal or isn’t it?

The DEA says it isn’t, but there are those who contest the arbitrary expansion of legislation intended to cover psychoactive drugs. After all, CBD couldn’t make you high no matter how hard you tried, so what beef could the DEA possibly have with it? The problem lies in botanical origins. CBD does come from cannabis plants just as marijuana does, except that in this instance, the cannabis plants in question are industrial hemp plants.

Growing hemp and selling its products across state lines in the US is highly problematic, but if hemp products are imported and don’t contain enough THC to make a mouse stoned, they’re absolutely legal.

Everyone seems to be confused about CBD and cannabis

Burch says she’s applying for a medical marijuana card so that she can try CBD oil “from cannabis”, but hemp is cannabis, it’s just cannabis that contains more CBD than THC. Regardless of the terms used, her bottom line conclusion is that CBD oil helped her to live with her fibromyalgia, reducing pain and discomfort, and that’s the message she’s trying to get across to fibromyalgia sufferers.

CBD oil for fibromyalgia could work for you – and don’t forget Burch’s advice about magnesium supplements and lotions!

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