Should I Take CBD Before a Workout?

As awareness of the potential benefits of CBD grows, so do the questions surrounding how CBD could be incorporated into everyday life. For those that like to stay active. Should I take CBD before workouts? could be at the top of the list!

Hemp-derived CBD (Cannabidiol) has seen a steady increase in the amounts of people looking to incorporate CBD into their busy lives. The vast potential benefits that recent studies have found, prove CBD to be a beneficial supplement that you could easily include in your daily routine.

CBD is one of many cannabinoids which are found naturally in hemp plants. These chemical compounds play a key role in the process of balancing the body naturally. Many athletes have recently started to introduce CBD into their fitness routine and workouts, in order to help heal the body both internally and externally; with CBD creams and ointments.

And while CBD may be well known for its potential anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that aid in post-workout recovery, recent studies suggest CBD for pre-workout preparation has some potential benefits too.

When you workout, performing at your peak is of high priority. Using CBD for pre-workout prep, either internally or topically can be an incredible way to create balance within the body, as you begin to take your workouts to the next level.

Here we will discuss why you might want to try CBD before your workouts and also why you might want to add it to your CBD post workout regime.

Why Should I Take CBD Before Workouts?

There are so many incredible reasons to take CBD before you dive into your daily fitness routine. For one, CBD is widely known for its ability to stimulate the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS’s main purpose is to respond to cannabinoids produced within the body, which then work on keeping your body and its functions in homeostasis, or balance.

The ECS has a hand in numerous bodily functions, from balancing your energy levels to improving and maintaining your immune system, and its cell receptors can be found throughout the body; from head to toe, helping your body perform as efficiently as possible.

So, when it comes to CBD before workouts, here are some reasons why CBD might be just the thing you need to get the most out of your exercise.

CBD Improves Energy

When it comes to getting ready to workout and choosing a supplement, finding a product that will boost your energy levels can make all the difference. Studies have recently shown that CBD in some cases can make you feel more alert. Which is a major reason why using CBD for your pre-workout could be so pivotal.

CBD helps improve energy levels by activating the body’s cells that are responsible for causing tiredness and fatigue. Also aiding in regenerating mental clarity and focus, which is a major bonus before beginning your workout routine.

CBD Helps Relax Muscles and Promotes Analgesia

Athletes around the world have been drawn to CBD because of the perceived benefits it has on inflammation; especially in the last 12 months when the World Anti-Doping Agency, a committee in charge of testing Olympians for drug use, took CBD off their banned substance list. Inflammation is the body’s natural response to damage in the body, however, chronic inflammation can actually do quite a bit of harm to the body if left unhindered.

So, when it comes to muscle soreness and pain within our bodies when we work out, it is important to target inflammation before any damage occurs.

In one study it suggests the powerful effects of full plant extracts that include flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins and minerals for pain perception. Full spectrum plant extracts that tend to have all the components that make up the cannabis plant have in many cases been shown to have far more pervasive effects than their isolated/lab-created counterparts, with terpenes being one of the key players.

Terpenes have been suggested to have particularly strong effects for pain with one study suggesting that the terpene Myrcene has analgesic effects, mimicking that of the poppy plant, with an opioid-like mechanism, without the disorientating effects characteristic of opioid medications.

Using CBD products topically for pain and inflammation may also benefit the body in reducing inflammation and muscle stiffness before beginning to engage in physical activity. You can also try rubbing CBD infused salve on to sore parts of the body for optimal performance. This is could be crucial when it comes to healing joint pain or muscle pain.

CBD has Anti-Catabolic Effects

Supplementing with CBD for pre-workout can produce anti-catabolic effects.  The anti-catabolic properties in CBD has the potential to slow down catabolic effects in the body, ensuring that your body will be less likely to eat away at your newly achieved muscle tone. This means that muscle gained while using CBD is retained alongside muscle strength.

If you are unfamiliar with cortisol, it is a catabolic hormone that the body naturally produces which breaks down muscle. CBD can counter cortisol’s effects by interfering with catabolic systems and reducing stress in the body. Try taking a few drops of CBD oil or supplements internally to aid in not only building but also stopping muscle degeneration.

CBD Post Workout?

Rest is a major component when it comes to recovering the body after a workout and preparing the body for its next physical challenge. Without proper recovery, the body fails to heal itself properly and efficiently, which can long term lead to prolonged inflammation. There is a compound terpene called myrcene that has been found in CBD which can act as a sedative and improve the quality of sleep. High-quality sleep results in better cognition and increased immunity.

It is thought that CBD has the potential to reduce inflammation and encourage the body to rest. So, when taking CBD post workout you can try using either a topical CBD salve or transdermal products. Similar to topical lotions transdermals products are also applied to the skin, the difference being they are absorbed into the skin which then enters the bloodstream.

Resulting in effects on the applied location and in turn throughout your whole body. This allows your body and muscles the ability to properly recover and repair. Want to know what topicals can do for your healing and recovery after exercise? read about Steve and CJ’s experiences using CBD to help heal their bodies after working out.

Compared to many other products, CBD is a natural way to reducing long term inflammation in the body. Try adding CBD to your fitness routine to improve your body’s recovery, reduce pain and muscle aches. If you want to read more on CBD and athletic performance we recommend taking a look at our article about professional athletes and why they’re starting to use CBD for their own health and recovery.


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